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Society Of Design Thinking Professionals popularly known as SDTP is an exclusive community for fostering Design Thinking.

SDTP is an independent organization that benefits from its unique blend of people of varied background and interests. The SDTP membership framework fosters knowledge sharing and personal growth by providing relevant resources and highly interactive online and in person sessions by top experts on essentials in Design Thinking, Innovation, Change and its application in all the fields of life.

SDTP’s goal is to empower people to cultivate a robust network of fellow Design Thinking evangelists, one that facilitates long-lasting and beneficial lifelong relationships. With a SDTP membership certificate, you gain the right to use the esteemed membership title: MSDTP (Member of Society of Design Thinking Professionals)

To preserve the integrity and exclusivity of our network, membership is offered on an invitation- or qualification-only basis.

Member Benefits

  • 20% Discount to SDTP conducted events.
  • 15% Discount to SDTP members for any open workshop being done by SEQUEL
  • 30% discount on annual Design Big Day camp held every April
  • There would be 12 online events in a calendar year

Annual Membership fees – Rs.4000 + 18% GST = Rs.4720/-


This annual membership fee entitles you to an array of powerful benefits that can help you build your life skills, professional network, discover new opportunities, and advance your life.

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