About Society of Design Thinking Professionals

Welcome to the world of possibilities!! A world, a community, of designers, entrepreneurs, engineers, teachers, researchers, and more which is making an attempt to make the world a better place, we call this place as the Society of Design Thinking Professionals (SDTP)

SDTP is NOT JUST CREATING OBJECTS OR BEAUTIFYING THE WORLD AROUND US, we make an attempt to match necessity to utility, constraint to possibility, and need to demand. It is a society where we make a blueprint for creative leadership seeking to infuse design thinking, an approach to cater to all facets of any organization, products, services or to discover new alternatives for business and society as a whole. We’ll learn how to design around our customer. We’ll try out proven tools on real-life challenges. We’ll develop practical skills we can apply tomorrow. And we’ll leave with the know-how and confidence to drive change across our organisation.

We want to be the facilitators of making people get engaged with their calling, and design a life, which they wish they should live. We’re building to learn, and learning as we build, through inspiration, ideation, and implementation.

If you are reading this then you are a step closer to this amazing community.

I am keen to get you on board in this community program and wish you happy life!

In the spirit of making the difference!

Jimmy Jain
Founder President,
Society of Design Thinking Professionals

SDTP courses

  • Jimmy Jain

    Design Evangelist
  • Ayan Bandyopadhyay

    Design Evangelist
  • Priti Irani

    Design Evangelist

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